How It Works

Member Benefits

As a Dakota Players Club member, you can now play and earn valuable points at any Dakota Players Club casino, with all of your points accumulating to your single account. Wander freely around Deadwood and try your luck at any one of the participating Dakota Players Club casinos, all while building your point total on the most liberal slots in town!

Redeem your points for cash!

When you reach the desired point simply come to the Dakota Players Club website to convert your points to cash. Fill out the online redemption from, click submit, and you receive your cash certificate in the mail, good at any Dakota Players Club casino. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

A few tips!
  1. Slide your card into the reader box with the magnetic strip FACING THE SLOT MACHINE.
  2. Properly inserted cards will cause the reader to flash green three times.
  3. Lease your card in the card reader until you are finished playing so that your points will accumulate. Remember to remove your card when you are finished playing the machine.
  4. You may check your account balance and redeem points online anytime at



Use your Dakota Players Club card at over 12 Deadwood Casinos to earn cash.

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Point Checker

Check Points

Check your point total for cash.

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